New Web Site goes live…

Cocoterra Rainforest Permaculture

We are overjoyed to announce to the Permaculture community at large Cocoterra that on this lovely April 19th, 2021, our new web site goes live!

The purpose of this web site is not just share our passion for Permaculture and the work taking place at the Cocoterra. A voice to world, outreaching for recruiting volunteers and for sharing experiences with our international community, and a blog hub of practical and encouraging information related to Permaculture in the Rainforest!

The Cocoterra Rainforest Permaculture project is a farmland restoration and permaculture education center, situated in the outskirts of the village of Los Planes de Osa, in the pulsating heart of the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. Here since 2010 we steward a next level 72-acres of sacred rainforest lands. Surrounded by the mega-biodiverse rainforest of the Osa Peninsula bordering Corcovado National Park, and nestled within this, at the heart of the Cocoterra property, is a beautiful 100-foot waterfall, this, surrounded by Forty-eight acres of primary rainforest where a vast trail network opens the way for biodiversity exploration and conservation. Twenty-four acres of the property are old pasture land where currently the restoration devotional efforts towards implementing our regenerative permaculture design.

An area where swales have been implemented, plantain and plenty of cacao coming in…

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